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Top 10 Frustrations When Posting to Jobs Boards

The process of posting job ads and reaching the right candidates can be time-consuming and challenging. 

The Frustrations of Traditional Job Boards

Traditional job boards have their limitations, and job seekers and employers often face frustrations when using them. The top frustrations include:

Limited Reach and High Costs

Job boards can have limited reach, depending on the specific platform you choose. Posting your job on a single job board may not attract a wide range of candidates, limiting your options. Additionally, some job boards can be expensive, especially if you want your job ad to stand out among the competition.

Irrelevant Applications

Receiving a large number of applications is not always a positive outcome. Many job boards attract a broad audience, which means you may receive applications from candidates who are not a good fit for your role. This can make the hiring process more time-consuming as you sift through numerous resumes.

Lack of Personalisation

Job boards often lack personalisation, making it challenging to showcase your brand and attract the right candidates. Standard job ad templates may not effectively communicate your company's unique culture, values, and benefits.

Limited Visibility

With hundreds, if not thousands, of job postings on a single job board, it can be difficult for your job ad to stand out. Your posting may get lost among the sea of other listings, reducing its visibility to potential candidates.

How Jobologi Solves These Frustrations

Jobologi addresses these frustrations by streamlining the job posting process and optimising your job ads for maximum visibility and relevance. Here's how we help:

Reach a Larger Audience

With Jobologi, you can reach a larger audience of job seekers. We will distribute your job ad across a network of the most popular UK job boards, including niche and generalist platforms. This broadens your reach and increases the chances of attracting qualified candidates.

Cost-Effective Job Postings

Save money by posting your job ad on multiple job boards simultaneously. Jobologi's partnership with various platforms allows us to offer cost-effective solutions for your recruitment needs. You no longer need to invest in separate postings for each platform, reducing your overall recruitment expenses and saving you tons of time.

Tailored Job Ads
Attract the right candidates by creating a single job ad that captures the essence of your company and the specific role. Our team optimises your job ad for each job board, ensuring it stands out and resonates with potential applicants. This personalisation helps you attract candidates who align with your company's values and requirements.

Enhanced Visibility
With Jobologi, your job ad receives prominent visibility on popular job boards. Our platform leverages employer-branded listings, ensuring your ad stands out among the competition. This increased visibility attracts more qualified candidates and improves your chances of finding the perfect fit for your role.

Jobologi revolutionises the way you approach job postings and recruitment. Our platform simplifies the process, saves you time and money, and helps you attract the right talent for your business.

With Jobologi, you can optimise your job ads, reach a larger audience, and enhance your employer brand. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional job boards and streamline your recruitment efforts with Jobologi.

Partner with us today and experience the difference in your hiring process